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Phonics with Robot Reg Babes

The class is aimed at babies ages 3 months to walking. They are carefully planned to introduce babies to a world of literacy. The class includes a wealth of nursery rhymes and language play. The high energy class is delivered with a variety of puppets, instruments and props. Guaranteed fun and rewarding for both parent and child. Class sizes are limited to 10 babies. 

MINI Phonics with Robot Reg Classes.

This class is aimed at ages walking  - 3 years. In this class toddlers are given the opportunity to explore sounds, rhymes and develop and enhance speaking and listening. Each class is high energy and includes activites to improve gross motor skills. Class sizes are limited to ten children.

Phonics with Robot Reg Classes

These classes are aimed at children aged 3- 5. Each class will include sounds recognition, alliteration, and oral blending and segmenting - the necessary foundations for reading and writing. This high energy class will also include; Dough Disco to improve fine motor skills, and activities to improve gross motor skills which are both fundamental for writing.